Working parents

Today was our first day merging our normal life with our life as parents. Dave spoiled me rotten last night and let me sleep through the night. It was awesome!

Dave grabbed a coffee and headed into the office this morning. I had a document to finish from home and multiple meetings. We both had really productive days, and were happy to get back to work!

Tess is fabulous. We got time together today, even though she slept for most of it. She got a night with daddy while mommy went out for a night at our favorite corner joint with her female other half. You know it’s a good night when the waiter says, “you’ve been here a long time!” Catching up on 80 day takes a while, and we’re only
getting started.

Dave came home, got ten minutes with me, and then was left holding his beloved kid. She got a bath, bottles and snuggles! They both looked pretty happy when I got home. 🙂

For a day I’ve been worrying about, it was pretty sweet. Leaving Tess to work is hard. She doesn’t seem to mind, but I think it will take us a while to adjust. Still, the simplicity of “take care of baby and work” after months of “take care of baby, commute, live somewhere else, do lots of legal paperwork, actual do work and don’t go home for months”seems dreamy. I’ll let you know what we feel like by the end of the week!

7 thoughts on “Working parents

  1. ok..fabulous photos! I would print them but i think i would end up printing the entire blog…dad would never forgive me…and i would never hear the end of it! Beautiful! Dave can you make me look like that??? love, sassy

    • Mom, I took those! (Maggey) it’s the 4am halo effect I think. Somehow that’s when I get all the good ones – no idea why! 🙂

  2. She looks so adorable snuggled in the blankets with her pacifier 🙂 I’m glad you both had a great first day back to work!

  3. Yay for videos!!! And that is some kind of camera envy … it saw Tess having so much fun and just had to try and jump in! haha! Also, I third the cry for more videos! The photos are absolutely adorable as always, too. Thanks, Dave and Maggey!

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