The snow started falling early this morning – a drifting, floating, lazy-flaked snow that settled on tree branches outside my window and made me crave a trashy paperback and a fire. All day the flakes kept coming. They’ve given me what I’ve been hoping for: a real snowy day, a day that requires boots and sleds and mittens.

I started out with a plan. I got dressed for yoga, kissed Dave goodbye and drank my coffee, and then the plan went to pieces. Calls from work came early with time-sensitive requests. Mom called about the kitchen plans and sorting out Europe contingencies. The contractor asked about fixing the closet and kitchen points I did not know before talking to mom, so I called her back. Said contractor then mentioned he needed to drive three hours to AMISH COUNTRY to get the wood for our doorway. In a snowstorm. I wished him godspeed. The office called, the branch offices called, the emails soared, and suddenly it was noon. I was starving, not at the office, not a yogi, had dirty hair and was functioning solely on the fear of letting a ball drop. Yikes. Those mommy jokes are apparently less jokes and more reality.

I miraculously got all the work and house stuff done. Everyone’s happy and I’m in one piece. Dave walked in at 6 as I closed my laptop for the day, which I took to mean I now had the freedom to SHOWER and put on real clothes, or god forbid even actually do yoga for half an hour! Nope – wrong again. Friends are coming.

Now I have a mommy conundrum about once a week – extra time with Tess or being a normal person. I always pick a random fun moment with Tess over what I should do. I should be a clean adult who sneaks a workout in while hubby runs baby around the park. You know what though? She and I snuggled for 20 minutes instead. Totally worth it. The shower will still be there in an hour. A special shout out goes to Sassy, who filled our fridge with a baby-friendly and delicious meal literally while we slept. At the very least, we now know Tess loves meatloaf. 🙂 Recipe, please!

The guys finished the night by helping an older woman get her jackknifed car back on the road. Apparently, middle-aged nerds are muscle-bound and generous in a snowstorm. And tomorrow? 32 weeks for Deuce.

3 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. When we were teaching babies to sip from a regular cup, we would hold their lower lip against the cup for a few tries until they got the idea. Worked like a charm. 😀

  2. Maggey,

    I can’t believe how well you are able to put into words the mixed feelings of being a mom #1 favorite career, and yet balancing your work career and yes, some time for yourself. I am 64 and still have not figured it out, so when you get the equation please let me know. I like you have always gone for the children first, but can read so deeply into your feelings of how to balance it all. Life’s best walk for sure, just different paths to take. Aren’t we lucky to get to choose!

    xo, Susie

    • Susie, you reaffirm my hope that I’m not terrible at this whole motherhood-life thing. Thank you so much for admitting that balance is hard for all of us! If an experienced and fabulous mom like yourself is still sorting it out, I can lower the pressure level over here. 🙂 as for that magic formula? Let me get back to you!

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