Windows and roses

After three marathon days at work, I came home to my family, but only found an empty house. The hideous 60s German windows had been replaced by beautiful new ones that actually keep the cold out! How sweet. 🙂

As I wandered around looking for Dave and Tess, the front door opened. There they were: Tess in the giant monster stroller clutching the cellophane on a huge bunch of roses! Dave knew I was coming home late again and ran to the store for groceries and a pre-valentines bouquet. Who can top that?!

Tess was apparently a hot mess all day, and all the way to bed. Poor kiddo must be growing or teething. We got a scooch of Tess time before tucking her in – not enough! Still, we’re getting excited about getting away and celebrating Sabine’s wedding!

K had a checkup today and apparently she and Deuce are going strong. Still hoping he’ll behave himself until the 24!

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