Who’s on first (diaper duty)?

We’re halfway through a marathon. Last week was busy, and then we threw in a friend’s wedding in Nashville. The kids were with Flamine for part and my parents for the rest. We scooped them on Saturday while Flamine was picking her visiting brother up. Sunday we packed in quality time with the kids, meal planning, grocery shopping, work prep for the 3-day facilitation I was doing, tidying up the house. And catching up with old and new friends in Milwaukee. Somewhere in there, we squeezed in the finishing touches on the dozen or so items we’ve promised for a fundraiser auction for Penfield children’s center, one of the facilities that helped Tess out way back when – and a phenomenal organization we support wholeheartedly for taking care of kids that need more with a smile.

By Sunday night, we were getting a little freaked about this week’s dance card requirements. The hours for my Mon-Wed sessions started early and ran late. Dave had the kids and meals, Flamine had work hours, and we’d cobbled together some career exploration for her brother, which Dave would get him to. To top it off, the kids came down with fevers Sunday night – just high enough to make me worry. I stood in the innovation center thinking,

Dave and I have worked really hard to balance out our family needs. This is a Dave day. Back off.

I had no choice. Our sessions are scheduled to the minute, so a doctors visit was not going to happen unless Dave took them. Fortunately the fevers broke.

Aside from that, Monday worked like clockwork; Tuesday we all got through, but the kids were acting up for Flamine and Dave torched dinner. Wednesday we survived, despite Tess’ new threshold for driving Flamine crazy (bring on the ink!).

To celebrate making it to midweek and making a dent in the auction to-dos, we explored the new Night Market, a street festival crossed with a farmers market. Watching Tess try to figure out library time in English was hilarious. Remy took the opportunity to bolt multiple times, chuckling all the way. They were intrigued, as were we. Flamine discovered kettle corn, so we satisfied everyone! Seriously though, playing in bubbles, watching blacksmiths at work, and eating tamales delighted us all.

Thursday morning started with Dave missing the early train. Even though we were in bed before ten, he slept through his alarm. We’re tired! He shot out of the house for the 8am, stopping to put a steaming cup of coffee in my hand.

Today, we power through deadlines. As a reward, we’ll go to a concert we’ve been waiting for for two years: Rodrigo y Gabriela, some of the most incredible guitarists we’ve ever heard! We had tickets two years ago, but they played while we were in SLC with Tess. This is our personal celebration of how far we’ve come and how lucky we are. Despite the week’s juggling, we are living the dream and will enjoy this reminder wholeheartedly.

More importantly, I’m so happy that we can get through a week like this while still giving our kids all of the love and attention they deserve. Sometimes they get more time with daddy, sometimes maman, sometimes Sassy and Poppi! But they get swaddled in love and fun, and on days where I’m not the first face they see, that warms my achy heart.

I love being a mom. It’s one of the most amazing roles I’ll ever experience, and I love my kids ferociously. I also love learning, strategizing, growing, and being part of my company. I can’t have it all every minute, but every minute I’m happy in one way or another!

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