Whirlwind weekend

I wish I could say we’re exhausted from parties and barbecues, but we were busy all weekend with work and house stuff. It happens to the best of us. 🙂 Tess is still on her wacky “I’m growing – so leave me alone no hold me!” schedule, so we’re getting friendly with 3am again, which hurts. Still, our bigger girl is adorable!

Friday night I worked, so Dave had a boys and baby night. That turns out well when both boys are dads with a soft spot for babies. Saturday, mom and I were on a kitchen mission – so Dave and Tess got more quality time. Today I worked all day up until family dinner, so I’m a little wild for some Tess time. Let’s just say it was a crash course back into a full-time schedule this week.

Family dinner is the perfect end to a week like this, though. Work gets left at our house, and we head over to mom’s (aka the Resort), where food, drink and good company abound. No matter what the rest of the week looked like, Sunday nights make us always feel like we got to enjoy the weekend for at least a little while. and on a beautiful (eh, we’ll say perfect) night like tonight, there’s no beating it!

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