We’re going to pieces

Tess turned THREE! Our big girl is thrilled to be more fingers old. She’s been singing “Happy Day Day to you!” incessantly; she and Remy take turns. It’s adorable. We celebrated both of them with a brunch at home with their friends. It more than made up for the prior week…

In the last few weeks, our dishwasher, hot water heater, my husband and our adoption broke. We’re not loving March.

Last week, we got news that our adoption may have slid off the rails. It’s not official, but it’s not looking optimistic either. I cried a lot – ugly crying. I actually had to flee the gym. Since then, we’ve had potentially uplifting news. We’re not sure what to think, but hope died and then was rescussitated.

Friday night our dishwasher broke just before we had friends over for dinner. I swore a lot. No one will fix it Friday night.

Saturday night at 11pm, the hot water heater was making such crazy sounds the sitter could hear it loudly on the second floor from the basement. She asked if someone was doing construction. We came home and, when we ventured into its lair, found a machine trying to shake itself off the wall. Super. (Turns out it actually blew up. No hot water or heat for the rest of the weekend. In Wisconsin.)

And David – sweet David – broke, too. We’re tired and frustrated and disappointed. We survived the end of the week by looking forward to the weekend and some quality time together. What we got was quality time on the phone with plumbers, heaters, fix it guys, etc. He was quiet and crabby. That’s normally my role. It was confusing.

We snuggled in bed Sunday morning planning out how to get the house warm again. A weekend’s worth of errands awaited us in the 2-hour nap window. I can’t say we felt ready for the work week.

Still, the week was filled with small pleasures, starting with heat and hot water. We had good laughs with friends, hugs from our littles, and a surprise love bomb from my sister, who is developing a habit of uplifting me with something sweet and surprising when I’m at my lowest. Friday the thirteenth, my lucky day, we got news that the adoption worry wasn’t as serious as we expected.

So this weekend was scores better. I’m not sure what to expect of the next month or so, but we joyfully celebrated Tess’ birthday, saw friends, and relaxed. If we can’t live in the moment by now, we’re wasting beautiful time in our prime. I, for one, will do no such thing.

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