Weekends rule!

Being parents seems to have brought out the weekend masters in us. We make few plans, try to sleep a little later if Tess does, enjoy coffee and a home-cooked breakfast, pick up the CSA and do minor housework, see friends and family in a lowkey way…and it’s been going on to long to think its a passing phase. No over scheduling! So far.

Mom stopped by to finalize some house details before she took off again. Other than that, we were just bombing around the house. Then we drove FOREVER to go to celebrate one couple’s anniversary and another couple’s eminent move to South Korea. Thank god Tess plus car equals very deep sleep! We drove past Beerfest, which was massive and totally where we would have been last year. Past, meet present!

The best part about Saturday remains that it’s followed by Sunday. When Saturday is this good, Sunday is more of a dessert than a necessity; all the more delicious.

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