Weekend of nothing

With the household of nine, plus the dog, we pretty much never get through a day without something on the calendar. BUT this weekend we had nothing planned, aside from Saturday morning ballet/taekwondo and swimming. This weekend was all about cooking together and letting the kids lead, playing outside and everyone getting wet, storytime and helping Tess sound out words in Winnie the Pooh, and eating brats and crunchy veggies on the deck. This weekend was about rolling slow, cleaning up, family time and laughter. The kids got adventurous in the kitchen, and just as adventurous riding bikes around the house. I got to read a novel and actually finish it! We got baby snuggles and early bedtimes and time to actually catch up on stories from the week for everyone who lives here.

On the rare few days in a row when we don’t have a million things going on, I am always reminded of how wonderful an empty day can be. As fast as they pass, nothing is more magnificent than having a coffee and wondering how the day will unfold while watching the little people decide that for themselves.

So laundry got done, books got read, food got cooked and bikes got ridden. Sylvie get snuggled, we got sleep, and we all started off the week a million times more rested than we ended last week. Being busy and having activities for the kids always fun, but Dave and I swore we would always keep the empty space for all of us. It’s so nice to rediscover it, and to look for it on the calendar in the upcoming weeks. We absolutely want more nothing!

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