Weekend miracle

After a rigorous week, we took the kids to a late dinner with friends and family Friday night. That’s obviously way more complicated than it sounds! Still by feeding Tess ahead of time, we saved ourselves a world of hurt! We started the grown-up dinner at her bedtime, and she gamboled about, chilling with various people and snacking on appetizers. It wasn’t until after 11 pm that she eventually passed out in her stroller. Remy, on the other hand, slept the whole time. by midnight, all I could think was,

I’m so tired! We’re having a lovely evening and I’m terrified for tomorrow morning.

Well, they read my thoughts. Remy ate when we got home and slept til 6am! He then woke up, ate again, and slept until 9:30. We couldn’t believe it. Tess behaved similarly, sleeping in until ten with only a few yelps. Dave and I almost, almost, didn’t know what to do with a quiet morning to sleep in.  Once we we were all up and functioning, we ran out for coffee and errands. A family day was long overdue.

A new friend came to visit from Chicago in the afternoon before we headed out for a night of fun! Her son and Dave went gaga for board games while she and I caught up. They got is all geared up for more socializing later. It’s amazing how much more fun going out is with a little bonus sleep under our belts.

Then, we experienced Groundhog Day. We got home at 1am (blurgh!) Saturday night, and I again feared for my sanity come morning. We fed Remy as much as we could then turned in. And you know what? He slept til 7:30am. Yay! Tess slept in til 9:30 on top of that, so Dave and I feel almost normal.

Adjusting our non-parent social lives to the kiddie morning schedules is rough; not as rough as 3am feedings, but challenging to adhere to. Going out for a night on the town is fun from time to time, but I can never get the consequences out of my head. Doing a double-header this weekend blew that wide open, and I’m just SUPER grateful the kids randomly adjusted their schedule for a few nights. Heading back into normal means we can all start going to bed by 10pm again. 🙂 We swore we wouldn’t be the parents that reduced their social life because of kids (doesn’t every parent?!), and we finally know it’s not because of kids but because of mornings with kids that parents become shut-ins. Each outing is a victory, and this weekend we were victorious!

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