We got the call!


After a number of maybe babies; profiles created, corrected and resent; the highs and lows of hoping and moving on; we may have a match!

Normally, a message like this goes out after about 10 months. We’re pinching ourselves: it’s been only one month since we finalized our paperwork. S is due in mid-October in Florida. We heard about her in mid-August and were really drawn to her profile. When we found out on 8/22 she’d chosen us too, we couldn’t believe it. Then we got to talk to her on the phone. What a brave, smart, mature woman! We shared a few laughs about parenting toddlers, shared about our families, and heard that “Remy” has been her nickname since she was a child! It was her sign that we were the right family for her.

Getting off the phone, we still couldn’t believe our luck. S has a lot of family support. She’s has a great job as a youth counselor, and seems really inspired by the change she’s creating in the world. She’s also a single mom. Kat and K set the bar high; S is an equally beautiful person.

What we’ve most enjoyed in getting to know our kids’ birthparents a little is watching them become who they’re meant to be. In their hard work and determination, we see the strength our kids will have as they grow. We were nervous this time, using a different process. Still, S amazed us with her logic, fortitude and heart. We’re really looking forward to meeting her!

We’re trying to hold in our excitement and joy, as every potential birthmom is just a mom until she makes that choice. Still, we feel really hopeful right now that this incredible mom is really choosing adoption and us. Two months is short, but a hard wait for these eager parents! Baby boy on the way. 🙂

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