Veggie onslaught

Now that I’ve survived last week and being sick, I can address the fact that I was sick. I know a lot of you probably think I’m being paranoid; I assure you I’m not. The pediatrician still has us make appointments for when the office is almost empty, and told us they’ll send someone to or house for the RSV shot so you can’t get infected. So just imagine my horror when I woke up with a chest cold!

I stayed at least 3′ away from Tess all week, and washed my hands like a crazy person. I didn’t kiss Dave and was actually grateful that I was at the office a lot! So far, so good. We all see healthy, so maybe we got lucky. Fingers crossed.

Cleaning day 2. House is organized, errands run, work bits and bobs dealt with, Tess well cared for (and adorable!)…all that remained was the last 2 weeks of the wackiest CSA deliveries I’ve ever seen: 2 butternut squash not keeping well, 7 acorn squash – 3 varieties, 5 cucumbers, 1 lb mixed size tomatoes, 2 aged eggplants, 6 ears of corn, 1 head cauliflower, 3 heads cabbage, 1 lb baby red potatoes, 5 bell peppers and 1 bag of Brussels sprouts. Seriously. I often take the CSA as a challenge; this was war. Result: vat of potato cauliflower soup, puréed butternut squash in baby-size freezer packs for a few weeks from now when Tess can dive in, pastitsio with pan-seared eggplant in place of lamb, and a container of cooked corn in the fridge. Dear god. Let’s just say it wasn’t a relaxing end to the weekend, but I’m pretty sure we beat the produce into submission. Also, out freezer is quite well-stocked with ready meals. Unfortunately, Tess had a total meltdown tonight and Dave and I look ravaged by hard wear.

That’s okay. We went to brunch with Tess yesterday in the sunshine, follows by a date night of the symphony and a late dinner at a fave restaurant. For the first time in three weeks, I feel like the chaos in our house is subdued. totally worth a Sunday night of chores!

Tess is snuggled into bed, our casserole is bubbling merrily away in the oven, and Dave and I are off to watch a tv show and unwind. Happy end of weekend to all of you!

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  1. We were so glad the three of you dropped by! Liam has been talking nonstop about Tess and how he thinks she’d like to drive trucks or read books with him. He’s totally smitten! 🙂

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