Unexpected reprieve!

So we had the loveliest weekend in the world, and were resigned to the start of the coming workweek. Suddenly, it all changed. Dave’s office was out of power, so they called him to work from home in the afternoon and take the morning off! I was also working in the afternoon, so we took advantage of the surprise Monday morning time off to test out our workweek theory.

We figured that our only chance to safely take Tess out into the world was on the East Side on weekday mornings. Students are in class or asleep and everyone else is at work! Worked like a charm. We had brunch in one of our favorite spots (empty – private dining), ran a few errands in the local shops (empty – private shopping) and enjoyed strolling through our – you guessed it – empty neighborhood on a sunny morning. Woo hoo! Getting to leave the house as a family for an hour was such a breath of fresh air – literally! Working this afternoon was downright enjoyable. It’s also why we’re short on photos – we were busy adventuring!

Our great worry isn’t dirt and the world; it’s people and their germs. This is why we had to miss the family Father’s Day extravaganza we’d been looking forward to: dad still has cooties, and now my sister and her kids are in town with new Colorado cooties. I told mom she is in a high-risk situation!

Knowing that Tess is over yet another hump and is now supposed to be in the world is one less issue to be conscious of. It doesn’t really change anything, but it was always hovering there far in our future as this unattainable date. Well, check! Done. Born. Her adjusted age is now 1 day, which sounds so much better than -14 weeks!

Dave and I are getting masterful at the baby handoff. Wether it’s feeding, burping, tucking in or simply exchanging custody when mom comes to do house stuff, we’re getting better and better at organizing our time and lives. In fact, our waitress today commented on how quiet the baby was. We fed her just before so she’d sleep through breakfast – meaning we never uncovered her so no one could contaminate the baby space. Pat on back! We can be taught.

Tess was brave and didn’t cry at all during tummy time or her bath today. She ate like crazy and was sweet and lovely. We are totally okay with that behavior. 🙂 and now, I’ll fall asleep to the music of her swing, while Dave puts this out in the universe. Good night!

One thought on “Unexpected reprieve!

  1. Congrats on enjoying the morning today! What s beautiful day!! Dave so so proud of you for cutting down the prairie although that was a pretty flower. Remember to water the tree every day!!! The heat is tough on new trees.
    So glad you wrote the thoughts you have here. I think there are at least a few of us who will miss seeing daily babysteps by Tess and her parents. So so entertaining to follow and so unusually inclusive …a window to the past (memories of our own), present (Tess as she sprints into being and growing), and future…so heartwarming to anticipate the “Tess milestones) and those heartbreaking smiles. This is a very special, treasured memory trail, stirring our hearts each day. I know reality demands more work time and life steps in beyond your control but this is a gift touching many hearts and lives beyond your perhaps original intent. Know that each entry is looked upon as a gracious glimpse into the beauty of life’s greatest love…
    Germ free love from sassy. 🙂

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