Unexpected departure

Last night we got a call from the agency. They feel S is really firm in her decision, and with us. We’re thrilled! She’s also on the verge of giving birth. So we’re on the road! We packed last night after moving into the kitchen all day. Everyone’s exhausted and a little thrown, but after weeks of wondering, we’re releasing some of the excitement we’ve been holding back.

As we tucked the kids into bed, I told them a story instead of reading one – the story of our trip. I explained we’d put them in the car while it was still dark, and would drive for a long, long time. We’d leave our lake and city and see other ones, would visit friends and sleep in a hotel. Later on, we’d stay somewhere sunny and warm, where we could swim and play on the beach. Then, if we were very lucky, we’d meet our baby.

Tess asked, “Again?” So I recapped. Then she looked at me and confirmed:

Big trip? New lakes? Car? Shoes?

I nodded. And the follow up, whispered with a smile:


So cute! At 4am, we tucked them into their car seats, wedged all three adults in around luggage, videos, books, blankets, snacks, baby gear and a potty. Tess crowed over every landmark while Remy just stared out the window. We were surrounded by trucks on the road, following taillights in the dark.

So we’re tired, cramped and exhilarated. The next week should be wild! Wish us luck.

10 thoughts on “Unexpected departure

  1. Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Faites bonne route nous sommes tellement contents. Prennez bien soin de vous … On pense bien a vous pendant ces jours intenses.
    Sabine, Sébastien & Daphné

  2. We’re so excited for you guys! Sounds like you had one heck of a trip. Best wishes to you and the birth mom from the Sibberstein clan.

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