Turning three, hiding kielbasa and other tales

Lilou turned three last week! She was singing herself “Happy Birthday” for weeks leading up to the big day, but when we woke her up with our rousing edition, she growled at us.

Lilou aka “the bottomless pit” and “drunk with power”, is a firecracker. She’s often caught with a Mona Lisa smile and a catastrophic surprise waiting behind her. She can palm a phone and disappear in a flash, and recently felt her crayon box needed the kielbasa more than daddy did while preparing dinner. When she cracks a grin, it makes everyone around her crack one too. She teases her brothers and takes their toys, sings herself to sleep keeping Tess up too late but making us laugh.

Lilou loves to run and dance. She never stops moving. Bikes and trikes and scooters thrill her, and she loves a private corner to hide in. She can’t sleep without her dragon and her doudou, but she’s fearless when it comes to trying new things. She can smell when you want her to do something and will do exactly the opposite, except when she’s the most helpful kid in the house and follows all instructions. She can “wet noodle” in a second, and it stops almost as quickly when she gets what she wants. And when that happens, her grin goes ear to ear.

And she LOVES! Oh, the hugs and kisses from this sweet girl. She’s delighted to spend time with the adults in her life, and always has a dolly nearby. The Little’s new game is going to work like us.

Bye maman! Have a good day! Love you! (Kisses blown for ten minutes as they head around the corner of the counter)

So our instigator of shenanigans, our big- and soft-hearted baby girl is growing up.

And to wrap up? Tanti Sarah Kay came for a visit!

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