The kids got home safe and sound, and are now in grandparent withdrawal. Flamine may move to Colorado – she loved it. We are the envy of many friends thanks to the grandparent kidnapping! While they were gone we organized closets and their bookshelves and saw friends and slept. Delicious. Ah, the village helping us raise our kids is generous!

So as we caught up after the trip, Flamine told us a story we had to share. Apparently, Tess’ new tricks include climbing ladders and locking herself in rooms. Flamine was called upon to talk Tess into unlocking the door. They were doing great until they got to the final instructions:

Turn Tess!

At which point, Flamine watched the shadow of those little feet spin slowly in a circle. Ha ha!

All joking aside, we’re delighted to have them back. The weekend feels so short after a week apart, but we’ll make it work. Off to the sculpture garden and a family restaurant!

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