Turkey day!

Dave and I often rave about our good fortune. This week has made that harder to cling to as a concept! I dinged my car in the grocery store hordes, jammed a toe and burned a finger making mediocre food. I forgot to thaw meat for a welcome dinner for Dave’s brother and his girlfriend, so we ordered pizza. The next morning, I ended up serving raw pumpkin pancakes thanks to a really awful recipe. (What pancakes don’t cook through in 15 minutes a side?!) I took it as a sign of affection that everyone ate them before I found out what was wrong – and was exasperated they didn’t just tell me. This was followed up with dog diarrhea and Tess getting a new molar. Oh, and I got locked out of my work computer. Yikes.

We’re working through piles of to-do’s this week – Sam and Lauren looking for an apartment, Dave wrapping up a work project and winterizing the house, and me ordering Remy’s (incorrect) birth certificates, dealing with groceries, heavily researching preschools and catching up on house stuff – you name it.

Somehow, the chaos and chores don’t seem as bad with Sam and Lauren around. Tess is delighted every morning to see them come downstairs – as are we. Their visit has forced us to balance work and play. They laughed at the pizza, grabbed kids at awkward moments, and just generally made life more fun.

Wednesday was grown-ups day. We had appetizers at a drag karaoke burger joint, went for drinks at a great new bar, had late night barbecue at Dave’s Dave resto and followed it up with drinks at Bryant’s – a kooky experience for all.

And Turkey Day? Turkey Day was perfect. We made appetizers and laid low. To be honest, we are so, so grateful for family. And for OUR family and everyone who made it possible. So Kat and Spencer, K and K – thank you so much for letting us be Tess and Remy’s family! I can’t help but think of that today – and in doing so, all of the week’s disasters fade away.

We’re off to an uproarious family dinner, to celebrate family and craziness and joy. We’ve got Estelle, Oplingers and a Mikula in the car, and we’re raring to go. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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