Tummy time

Tummy time for Tess comes in three segments: screaming, exercising and napping. The first is unsettling for me and terrifying for Stella the dog, the second makes me feel like a celebrity stalker as I attempt to capture every push up for posterity, and the third makes me melt into the gooshiest momma puddle in the world. When she tucks those long, skinny legs under her, she is such a compact little bundle of inert pink energy! I usually revel in this a bit too long, so that we swing back to screaming and frantic kicking – but it’s that cute. Have any of you done inchworms with a towel at the gym? That’s usually Tess’ final burst of energy and sign that she might stomp over and scream in my ear if I don’t pick her up instantly – her legs shooting out and in in some excruciating attempt to conquer this frustrating horizontal handicap!

Tess aced her pediatrician visit today. Seven pounds, 12 ounces! She got more immunizations and came home covered in band-aids. Dr. B told us we don’t even need to bring her in next week. Yay!

We followed that win up with Nerd Night (our first since we got home), and finally got some time with our friends. It felt so good! Tess behaved and slept the whole time, most of it in my arms. I figured after the shots today it was the least we could do. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed, after a day at the office away from her, I needed my fix. Our friends behaved too! We had a great time. Tomorrow, we move the kitchen. We’ve got this.

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