Trying to close her PDA, the easy (est) way!

PDA (read, hole from when the umbilical cord used to bypass) are part of being a baby.  If the hole doesn’t close, it can fill her lungs with fluid and make her body work harder, taking away from the ever important job of growing.  Because waiting didn’t work, we are using the first round of Indomethacin to close the PDA.

Upside: Might not need the heart staple thingy.

Downside: No food for 2 days, and an angry, hungry baby!

3 thoughts on “Trying to close her PDA, the easy (est) way!

  1. Dr. Doug, who is staying with us, knew all about the PDA situation. He calmed us down in that it often occurrs in premies and works out in the vast majority of cases. We are optimistic with fingers crossed nonetheless. Love!

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