Toddlers sharing – no, seriously

Our weekend rocked! From the parade to the museum to the pond, the kids had a blast and so did we.

Our week started off with a groan. Dave left for the train just as the little monsters started screaming at each other. Our new morning routine involves letting them play in their room until someone starts to lose it – adult or child. At any rate, they’re screaming as I contemplate a project I forgot had to go out the door today, and Flamine’s alarm didn’t go off. That’s a lot of crazy.

So I hand off a partially time-outed Tess and Remy to Flamine, who dramatically got it together in about 30 seconds. I’m not capable of that, so hats off! Got the project out the door, only half an hour too late to go to my workout. I got a pedicure instead. Before you judge me, because I judged me, it was my first all summer and gave me a minute before going solo with the littles for the night.

Tess slept from 4-8pm. No idea what’s happening there. So Remy and I kicked it and organized dinner before getting her up to eat. Nothing exciting, somewhat relaxing even. The first hint of cute came when I told Remy we were going to get Tess. Little man beamed and rushed the baby gate. Tess woke up slowly. She then decided tonight was the night to try out a big seat, and she picked the one next to Remy. Sorry Dave – you’re out.

Tess and Remy normally act like typical toddlers, alternating love and rivalry. They give with one hand while taking with the other. Tonight, they changed that up and fed each other. Tess kept telling Remy how delicious the food was, and informed him of whether she was feeding him scallop or noodle. No one poked the other in the eye with a fork. He dropped his milk; she picked it up. I have no photos because I couldn’t take my eyes off the miracle in front of me.

We’ve lately laughed over the impossibility of parenting philosophies. The only lessons left on our “please learn this!” list are empathy and independence. And for one shining Monday night moment, they showed me the best of both. Pardon me – the other folks on cloud nine are waiting for me.

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