Tired trio

Phew! Tess heard us celebrating about sleeping through the night and stopped. Sigh. So now I’m back at work full-time on no sleep. Dave and I, and I think I speak for Tess as well, are sleepy puppies!

Thank goodness I’ve got some interesting stuff to work on – at work and at home. Dave and I, per our plan, signed up at our new gym starting Monday. We’re in lurve! Saltwater pool, yoga and Pilates included, a movie screening room with cardio machines, and nice locker rooms. Yay! We got all signed up and toured, ten realized we had no locks for the lockers – so tomorrow will be our first gym date.

Tess is doing her version of inhaling food. She had a liter of formula yesterday! She’s been a bit crabby and tired, so she must be growing again. I swear, we feel like she has a growth spurt every other week! I’m working from home Tuesdays and Fridays, so it’s been nice to get a glimpse of her during the day. Those smiles! Melt my heart.

Mom came by today, and man! Did she work some magic on Tess at their sleepover. 🙂 we hit the witching hour, and Tess only stopped crying for Sassy. She’s still got it! At any rate, we’re sleepy but enjoying the end of summer with our kiddo. Four more days until she hits 6 months and we leave the medical lockdown (for a slightly milder version), and 13 days until we finalize the adoption. Gotta love September.

2 thoughts on “Tired trio

  1. SQUIRREL!!! I love love love Tess’ facial expressions! And I get such a kick out of reading the captions. It is so amazing that you two are still doing these updates. This has got to be the best baby book EVER! Love you guys!!!

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