Remy is a week old! He’s eating better, but he’s a messy eater no matter how we coordinate it. We run around with a burp cloth all day for when he inevitably urps on us. He’s peeking at us a little more frequently too, which intrigues me. I have to wonder:

What is he thinking in there?

I woke up the other day so exhausted that I tried to turn down the sun. Seriously. We’re in Florida, so we had the hurricane shutters down in our room while we slept and the burning from the bathroom window seemed shockingly bright in comparison. Needless to say, I’m not at my sharpest.

Still, that’s no excuse for our bumbling through our first week with Remy! Apparently, the girl to boy transition is not as simple as I’d imagined. We are hopeless at diaper changes without showers, and I’m doing more laundry than I ever had to with Tess! He seems to have a fairly mellow personality – so we’re pretty happy under our

so tired I want to curl up under a rock


Remy is starting to unfurl a bit after a week out of the womb. Getting little strong man dressed felt like I was doing battle with very strong chicken wings. We had to slide the sleeves down his arms like bracelets since he wouldn’t straighten them out to help. Now his skinny legs poke out the bottom of his gown and his arms wave around in the air.

Poor sweet Tess got four top teeth for her birthday. Tylenol and chewing on Gamma’s necklaces seems to ease the pain, but she’s sleeping a lot – not happily, but heavy-lidded kiddo all day. I hate seeing her in pain like that, but she loves chewing, so I know she’ll be excited to have more equipment in her mouth. She’s army crawling even more and reaching across herself like it’s no big deal, so I’m excited to get back to therapy and show Lisa what she’s learned!

Today was another slow day in Naples. Mom and I worked on the house plans a bit, dad golfed, and Oplingers took Tess to the beach with Dave. We’re all surprisingly tired, and for once we’re actually listening to that urge and being somewhat sloth like. No regrets whatsoever. Tomorrow is Rose and Dan’s last day in Florida. Time flew! We’ll make it a good one so they’ll want to help with the kids again in July for the next family do. It’s always better to have a plan (and experienced backup).

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