5 thoughts on “Third Trimester!

  1. Yay! Does she have eyelashes yet? 😉 Does she get hiccups?

    >haha! I know, kinda weird questions out of the blue< I was just reading on this baby development website about the general growth around weeks 27-28 and it said she should would start having hiccups regularly to exercise her lungs and she should be growing eyelashes and blinking and start to recognize light. I'm just curious how different her development might be outside than the average stage of development inside the uterus. Here's the site I was reading, if you're curious:


    Anyway, I'm really happy she seems to be developing so well!

    • In fact… she DOES have eyelashes! They are the cutest little lashes you ever did see, but they are still effective! Eye goobers will NOT let go of them and I feel like a jerk trying to wipe away the crusties!

  2. Congratulations! Love reading about your little Tess. Can’t wait to meet your new little one. Love too all of you. Fran

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