The speed of parenting

Our goal has always been to update the blog every week. I’m not gonna lie – sometimes we work on these completely exhausted! But we always find a time. Lately, the days are flying by so fast that I look up and we are almost a week late.

Some of you follow this for fun, and some of you follow this as a connection to family. I’m trying to find ways to express how a day or a week can go by in the blink of an eye. Between School mornings, lunches to pack, diapers to change, drop offs and pick ups, laundry, dry cleaning, groceries, cooking… My time in the office feels so restful compared to our time at home.

And when things do get wild, like they did this past week, our first responsibility is to our kids. After a week of late worknights, we planned an entire weekend at home. We just want to soak up time with the kids, and they seem to want the same. Lots of hugs, reading stories, holding hands and giggling over nothing. They helped cook dinners and put groceries away. We built Lego castles and talked Star Wars and princess crowns. More than anything else, a pajama day swarming with kids is a really awesome way to decompress.

My birthday is coming up at the end of this week. I don’t know what I thought 39 would look like and feel like, but it’s gone beyond the scope of what I could imagine when I was younger. Getting new tires and insurance claims seemed like the fuzzy realm of adult boredoms that were never interesting enough to ask more about. And yet… they make up a solid chunk of time. Now that 2017 has actually begun, we’re catching up at work and at home – and that means more time with the kids and each other.

Tonight, the kids watched their first Packer game. They seemed largely confused, especially when all of the adults started hollering at the win. Also, the guys on the TV were breaking all of the house rules about hitting each other. Test kept asking us to turn off the Packer movie, but everyone else seemed fairly entertained. These days, something as simple as that makes our weekend.

So apologies to those of you who read these with regularity, at least as much as I provide. Our goal is to get back to weekly posts! In the meantime, picture us feeding goldfish and showing the bigs how to crack eggs without dropping a whole shell in the bowl. We’re trying to explain to Lilou when shoes are appropriate and why we don’t wear them to bed. And we’re teaching Griff all kinds of new words and phrases. Tonight’s? “Go Packers!”

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