The Remy Protocol

So we’ve had handsome Remy in the family for almost ten weeks, and have slowly gotten used to the skin and hair differences. (Our earliest learning issues were boy vs girl and big vs little baby!) We’ve learned that our original plan did not work, as we were getting advice from moms of girls, and boys have different hormones charging around in their bodies as newbies. We’ve learned he’s got excema and cradle cap, which Tess has/had as well; some of our tricks for her work for him and some don’t. BUT – we may have just found the right balance.

Both kids get baths every other day. Before his bath, we use the NICU nurse trick for cradle cap: oil the hell out of his head, leave on for five minutes, then massage his head with a super soft baby brush in the bath before shampooing. (For Tess, we did this with a toothbrush, which is a constant reminder of how much bigger Remy already is!) For Remy, we use California Baby shampoo and conditioner – and leave some conditioner in. After a bath, Remy gets rubbed down with J&J Shea and Cocoa Baby Oil from neck to toes. (I don’t love J&J products, but this one has been pretty awesome.) Then diaper on, with a little cornstarch around his sweet chunky legs. We do nothing to his face and just comb the conditioner through his hair and get rid of any access. So far, the cradle cap and baby acne are almost completely gone, and his skin is looking clear and sweet – the way it should be! We can be taught, and self-taught! Like all kids, Remy’s care is unique. We just started at a slight disadvantage.

Remy looked startled at first when we put him in water, but now he smiles. I think he likes feeling all warm and weightless. Tess just loves having someone to splash. Bath time remains a two-parent job!

And now that Remy looks like a baby GQ model, we can get back to solving Tess’ excema issues. Coconut products, here we come!

Thank god for small victories. The kids both howled like banshees all day yesterday, and not even Dave’s arrival after work could stem the tide. The kicked our butts, and look like they’re headed for a repeat performance. I feel like they’ve decided to fully support my return to the office Monday!

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