The perfect weekend

With four little kids, something usually goes awry on any given day or in any given hour to make life more complicated. This weekend, we got really lucky. It started with Saturday morning swimming lessons with poppi Doug. The kids swam really well and listened really well. So well that we decided to take them out to breakfast! We used to have lazy early breakfast with the kids quite often; then the double stroller came back and it got too complicated. We happen to pick up one of our old favorites, and it felt like we never left. The waiter remembered us, the staff brought our food really quickly, and the kids colored joyfully until their pancakes arrived. We had FUN.

When we got home, everyone was tired and went down for naps pretty easily. Dave and I did the meal planning and grocery shopping, Neither of which was complicated. Then we hung out with the kids again for a little bit before I headed out for a girls night. You read that right! It’s been 1 million years, but a good friend and I had dinner and cocktails before going to a beautiful symphony concert. I love hearing her orchestra almost any day of the week, but going for an evening unrelated to work is an extra special treat.

Sunday morning, we hung out in our PJs in front of a fire as big fat snowflakes flew past the window. The kids read stories and switched between playing nicely together and fighting over toys – so normal morning. Then we took the Bigs on a date to lunch and a symphony family concert. The concert surpassed all of our expectations, and the kids loved all of it. We got home in time to wake up the Littles, enjoy a surprise visit from Micaela, and serve up a great crockpot soup for dinner.

Does this sound mundane? It is! We so enjoy a calm weekend and time with our kids. I’m convinced there’s nothing better in the world. As Dave and I tidied up the kitchen and got the laundry going, we both commented on how lucky we are. Sometimes everyday pleasures build up into something more. This weekend, that describes our whole experience.

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