No baby! Good boy. We celebrated 34 weeks of waiting by watching the relationship between Tess and Stella grow. Like a barnacle on a whale, Stella now sticks to Tess like she’s the great life force – which, as the dropper of all foodstuffs, she probably seems. Tess in the meantime seems amazed by Stella’s ease of movement and speed (only when hoovering Tess’ food from under her chair). Her fluffiness may factor in as well. Dave and I are mesmerized as we watch this love affair grow.

To pat ourselves on the back, we are not merely observing the house microcosm! We worked out tonight finally, and as our creaky, stiff bones slowly remembered how to move we also remembered how great it feels after the workout. Here’s hoping we can get and maintain our groove despite the coming invasion of small human #2.

Other than that, it was Monday. What can I say? We were too busy playing with Tess tonight to take pictures – forgive us. She was at her most adorable and we couldn’t resist her charms. We’ll make up for it tomorrow – for now, we’re just reveling in Deuce’s milestone and unbornness.

One thought on “ecosystem

  1. Yay for baby deuce! What a champ! Already a wise soul in this game of life! Lucky baby boy to have you two as wonderful parents! Blessings! Love sassy.

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