Tess turns one!

What a day! Tess is one – a giant, expressive, growing one-year old who loves food and people and acts like world travel is no biggie. She’s an absolute delight, and I can’t even pretend I’m not bursting with pride when I look at her.

Since we got to Florida, Tess has spoken her first words, learned to army crawl, gotten better at reaching, and become very curious about a certain baby brother. She charms everyone and makes us laugh nonstop. She may not like waves in the ocean, but she loves to swim in the pool – and she’s eating all sorts of food like it’s going out of style!

I woke her up today with the French, French Canadian and English versions of happy birthday. She got some 4 on 1 grandparent time, after which Dave and I took her for a walk on the beach so she could revel in being our only focus for a little while. She yelled at the sky, cried at the waves and clutched Dave and I like we were precious treasures. In other words, all of our dreams came true. 🙂

True to form, our joy stacks upon other joy. We got our interstate clearance to go home today thanks to a spectacularly good lawyer. So we found out about Remy on Tess’ Gotcha Day, and got his clearance on her bday. I guess it makes it easier for us to remember when everything happened!

We celebrated with a candle-stacked cupcake for the birthday girl, which was a hilarious fail. Apparently, coconut lemon does not appeal to Miss Tess’ palate. She stuck her tongue out like it was too gross to allow in her mouth! When we gave her a taste of chocolate cupcake though, she yelled when I took away the spoon. I sense she’s given in to the dark side already!

Dave and I couldn’t have dreamt up a better way the spend her birthday and this week. As Kat mentioned, Tess is one lucky kid, to have people all over the world who love her! We want to thank all of you, the readers and commenters and friends and family, for being such a wonderful support and joy for all of us as we take parenting by storm. Hugs around the world from all of us, big and little!

6 thoughts on “Tess turns one!

  1. Happy Birthday to you, beautiful and amazing little Tess, beating all the odds to become such a healthy, happy and stong little girl. I still get tears in my eyes thinking about your tiny little body with such huge personality just one year ago. May your next year be fabulous, lots of fun with your little brother and great adventures with your family.
    We all love you and keep you in our hearts.
    Micky and your Austrian Cheering Section

  2. I´m one of the Austrian Cheering Section
    I can hardly beleave that one year has passed. Your such a special girl and I´m sad that I couldn´t meet you in real! I wish you a wonderful year and ….

  3. Happy Birthday, little Rockstar!
    I’m also one of the Austrian Cheering Section – I’m one of your great-aunts, Micky’s youngest sister.
    Ever since the day you were born I have been following the blog, starting each day with it and loving it.
    We are all so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be part of your life, your incredible journey, your wonderful family and now your sweet little brother. You have the most amazing parents who have touched my heart in so many ways with their great humor, their inspiring and encouraging thoughts and precious ideas on life – they have made my day…many times… From day one on you changed our world by being the incredibly strong, beautiful and special little girl you are.
    Happy first birthday and have a spectacular new year!
    With lots of love from Austria,

  4. Happy birthday,
    What a great year you have had Tess, You have kept your parents on their toes. Keep up the good work and make sure you teach your little brother all the tricks to keep them jumping.

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