Tess turns 2!

We are safely back in the zone when our kids are not the same age. 🙂

The Nugget turned two. Now we can quit counting adjusted age!

4 thoughts on “Tess turns 2!

  1. Happy Birthday Tess and Remy! Looks like you both had great birthdays! Hurray! Particularly love the photo of the two babes passed out in the car, while mom looks adorable peeking-in in her red coat (is that a red coat?! You look gorgeous Mags!). Party Perfection.
    Miss you all and can’t wait to cuddle sooner rather than later!
    Tante Jess

  2. So, so adorable. Take a moment to draw a quiet breath. So the toddler chaos will ensue. Sarah the Dinosaur will be chasing them.

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