Sunny in Milwaukee

Alright, guys: we’re on a mission to eat/freeze all of our CSA stuff. Recipes may be flying for a while! I added a link to, a site where you can build and print your own cookbooks, pull in recipes from a bunch of sites and browse lots of professional cookbooks – a new feature I haven’t played with yet. I keep all of my recipes here so they’re in one place online (aka accessible from anywhere in the world), and the printed copies make great personalized gifts. Dave, Tess and I are all home today. I’m billing a week ahead again, so my office days are wacky. I’m taking advantage of the unexpected time to fill the freezer with prepped meals and clear the fridge of, say, 9 ears of corn (and that’s after my freezing 8!) and 10 green peppers. Yesterday, Dave used tomatoes and cilantro in a Peruvian steak stir-fry.This is where the beet dip I made yesterday came from too – what are 2 people going to do with 6 beets?! The CSA overload has become quite inspirational. Tonight we’re trying chilled corn soup with crab meat, with the beet dip as an appetizer. Should be interesting!

4 thoughts on “Sunny in Milwaukee

  1. Gleich zwei so gefräßige Monster 🙂 ! Das eine ist ja ok, Tess ist ja wirklich zum Fressen süß, aber anstatt des riesigen, schweren Ungetüms hätte ich eher Schafe genommen, die fressen nicht so riesige Löcher in den Rasen und für Tess … ?! :))

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