Sunday Funday

Today I woke up to Dave and Tess in a tete-a-tete over her bottle. I wandered in to chat, and suddenly realized a ginormous wasp was crawling around in the swaddle blanket! Talk about freaky. I stomped that thing out of existence. That led us to discuss how we have bad ‘little’ luck, but excellent ‘big’ luck. for example, Tess had a rough start but we ended up with an amazing child and an amazing birth family for life. You can’t beat that!

Some of the family is taking off today, but we headed over to mom’s patio for a fame dinner. As mom said, she’s still “one big germ”, so we didn’t go into the house for more than a bare minimum and Purelled like crazy! No touching, hugging or proximity either. Still, it was totally worth it to see Brett and Cheri and their kids. We’re doing it again tomorrow night and we already can’t wait!

Tess was a little off today, with a slight fever and quite pale for a while. I was getting agitated and harassed primary nurse Denise from afar. It’s amazing how a nurse/mom/grandma/friend can calm you down and comfort you from across the country! We so want Tess to grow an immune system, but knowing that our daughter has the immune system of a cancer patient is unsettling to say the least. Still, she looked a lot better by the end of the night and was all snuggled into me. Nothing feels better than an amazing daughter tucked into your chest.

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