Summer hiatus

We’ve had such a full few weeks that I went back to my last post to find out where we left you, dear readers. I can’t believe that was the night before the fireworks! Life has been anything but boring for us since then. After the domestic bliss, we spent a week in one of our favorite places on a lake, enjoying peace, quiet, someone else cooking dinner, and spending time with each other.

That’s when the peace ended! One of the kids got incredibly sick, so sick we thought it was mono. We spent a terrifying week examining swollen jowls from every angle and trying to keep all the kids from touching each other and sharing germs. Typical for a young kid, we went from severely incapacitated to completely healthy in a day and a half. Another kid went down, but bounced back way faster. We are currently praying for the miracle to hold, so we can enjoy the rest of July outside in the sunshine. By which I mean the kids get to enjoy the sunshine while Dave and I work feverishly! We can’t complain though.

Our normally structured life has been a little discombobulated due to that illness and a number of other issues. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon, but in the meantime Dave and I have called on our village yet again for extra support. I constantly marvel at what a wonderful group of people we have surrounding us and our children. When I wave the white flag, somebody always rides to my rescue. Being a working mom in a two-income house might be the greatest exercise in humility I have ever experienced. Dave and I both feel very aware of where our strengths end and the cavalry must be called.

That said, I am inspired already to return this generosity in spades once we have passed the era of diapers and training wheels. Being part of the zone parenting community is such a relief and really instills a sense of trust in those who choose to dive into it with us. For example, the vacationing mom who found Griffin in the front room of their cabin playing with her son’s Legos! Here’s to learning teamwork that counts.

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