Stupid tired

Today, I had just enough stupid from tired that I lost my words. Dave was laughing at me over breakfast. I got halfway though a deep thought, which petered out into, “…I’m just fuzzy.” that’s okay – its Saturday. I have to work tomorrow, but no one needed my A-game today. I took advantage of the slowdown and dim wits to tidy up: you know, where you pick up the random bits and bobs and move them around, tuck them away, throw them away…and yes, I triple checked everything I threw away! It actually felt nice, like decluttering our space was cleaning out my mental cobwebs too.

Dave’s going to a conference Sunday-Wednesday, so he’s on Tess time until he leaves. Natalie starts on Monday, so I’m taking a girl day follows by a seriously full week of work! I’m part-time, but that’s fluid. I’m honestly a little intimidated by the idea of waking up every three hours for 3-4 nights. I’m not cavalier; sleep is my lifeblood! I know people do this all the time, and I know people with twins who had it much worse – bit again, I’m going through it for the first time. I know it’ll be fine – I just hope I don’t do anything stupid.

Aunt Sue, Uncle Boo, Abbie and Jeff came by today on the way to a wedding. It was awesome to see them for a bit and to catch up. Then Natalie popped in so we could attempt a social double header. I’ll keep you posted on if we made it or not!

Tess was super smiley in the middle of the night, and Dave started trying to play peek-a-boo with her. She looked confused, but we got her attention. We’re trying to have more interactions that don’t involve us feeding or changing her. Soon! Otherwise, she’s just growing and growing. 🙂

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