Still scary

I don’t know if this falls in the NICU parenting department or the normal parenting department, but Tess spit up last night. I’m not talking normal spit up; I’m talking the flip her sideways as quickly as possible so we get her back to breathing spit up. She ends up screaming bloody murder while we hyperventilate. It doesn’t happen often, but man! There’s nothing more terrifying to us than seeing her struggle for breath. She’s growing again, and I think she was trying to eat too fast, which is usually when we get in trouble.

Today we got doorknobs! Tess was getting a bath when they came to work on her room, and I think the sheer volume this little beauty can produce stunned the carpenters for a minute. Hee hee! One of them just had a daughter and said she hates baths too, so I showed him the swaddle bath technique they taught us in the hospital. Our nurses should be proud! Tess now clings to the wet blanket as if it can save her from the onslaught. Even better, she quiets down when I pour water over her and looks relaxed. We might convince her this is fun after all!

Today, Tess was sleeping beauty. She slept and ate, and is sleeping now! Our little princess must have decided she has something to prove. To tide you over, I took a picture of her rapidly growing tootsies. 🙂 Also, and this is pure pride, I’ve been making some awesome food during the Great Nap! Jean says it’s different every day and so far she’s right, so I’ll take my peace and quiet where I get it.

2 thoughts on “Still scary

  1. I remember a time when Ben spewed while I was changing his diaper and it shot up like a water fountain and came splashing back down in his face and pooled in his eyes. Yikes!

    My daughters were by far more spitty, but it was never as scary as with our first baby and the medically fragile one. 😉

  2. Even though Lilia is over the 1yr hurdle, I still worry about her breathing and choking in her sleeping. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s our first child or because of her rough start. I do remember the night she projectile vomitted in bed and all we heard in the monitor was wet. There was so much I couldn’t believe it came from her little body!!!

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