Standing and falling

Remy is a month old! That’s disturbing to me. So many changes: chubbier cheeks, more alert, a louder cry. We love it, but I’m already thinking,

Don’t do it! Stay a baby a little longer.

Tess started out so tiny that her baby phase lasted quite a bit longer than average, so Remy’s growth feels super-sized to us.

Tess is getting taller by the minute – by holding onto things and standing! She can’t quite figure out pulling herself up, but she can stand for minutes at a time, taking one hand or the other off to touch things or wave. More importantly, she’s doing it with her heels on the floor, balanced and healthy. She giggles the whole time!

Sadly, that growth goes hand in hand with another milestone: getting kids’ germs. Sunday morning marked our first trip to urgent care with our little nugget. She’s been fussy for a few days, but then threw up this morning and didn’t sleep all night. She spent this morning lying on me and cried if i tried to move her. Not good. Dave took her in and I cleaned up the mess. Sick Tess makes me sad. She’s no longer the feisty NICU baby; she’s a kid who doesn’t feel good and just wants mommy and daddy to make it better. Talk about feeling useless. I’m sure this is a bug and will be gone soon (because I made Dave take her to urgent care and they said so), but in the meantime we’re going to baby the hell out of her until she’s on the mend. Also? We learned that all it took for her to drink out of a sippy cup independently was bubble gum pedialyte. Ew.

After a whole day of babying and sleep and snuggles, Tess seems to be on the mend, aka she’s yelling again. She’s also listening when I ask her to stop touching things. Apparently, asking for too much growing up when she’s pooped and sick is mean. Go figure.

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