With all of the physical and speech therapy for Tess, I’ve been a bit down. Not dramatically, but my fear about learning issues and milestones comes up from the forbidden place from time to time and takes a bite out of my happy. This morning I bit back.

We got snow last night – powdery, glistening snow that poofs with the slightest hint of a gust. Tess noticed right away that outside looked different, and I decided it was time for a SNOW DAY! I told Dave he was simply going to be a few minutes late to work. We bundled Tess into a snowsuit (handed down from the Arizona cousins!) and headed for the great outdoors: proportionally, the front yard on the side Stella doesn’t pee on (just a precaution). We sat her down in a flaky swirl and watched her fall back with a thump. Apparently, the too-big snowsuit is a wee bit cumbersome, and therefore a challenge to her developing abs. She sputtered quite forcefully while the dainty flakes drifted down onto her turned-up face, like we were pouring water over her and she couldn’t catch her breath. We tried sitting her up again, and there she was! Somewhat quizzically trying to figure out why we would plop her down in a big, wet, white blanket; trailing the ends of the snowsuit arms through the two inches of cold precipitation. So cute!!!!

Watching her eyes widen and that giant grin light up the whole neighborhood made our day. We triumphantly got her back in the house five minutes later, after making the confused contractor take a family picture. What can top that? (An armful of the cutest baby gear in the whole world for our Florida stay delivered by Sassy, who just zipped back into town. As if we could get may more excited about Florida!)

So it’s Monday, and we worked late. Neither of us gave a hoot – Deuce is safe cooking, Tess is starting to use consonants, and our snow baby is giggling in front of the fire right now while she plays got your nose with daddy. Love!

5 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. The therapy is so incredibly helpful maggey and Dave! Let me help drive when in town. I would love to help! You are doing a wonderful job and this gives Tess the best possible foundation for what I know will be an incredibly interesting and successful life! Being a parent is not for wimps! You two are an awesome team! Believe in the obvious. The more intervention now, the faster potential for reaching all of those important milestones!
    Tess is a triumph. Believe in her! She has the strength and ability of a giant! She will succeed! I promise! Love sassy

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