Snow day

The kids were all home from school today, and they’ll be home tomorrow too, for cold. And for our household, that’s cause for celebration! The kids got to play together, snuggle and read, sing and play pretend. Dave and I were home too, and it was amazing to get a quiet day of hibernation.

Life gets so busy, as the new year gets underway. An unexpected pause is beyond beneficial. As we ate lunch together, laughing about the kids’ morning stories and listening to Sylvie fake cough (I suspect she thinks it’s easy words). To wrap it up, Tess totally rocked her piano lesson and memorized her first piece. Remy did a great job too. And as we read an extra long passage from Pippi Longstocking before bed, I reflected on how beautiful it can be when the quiet from the snow seeps into the people we love.

No matter how long they’re home, I don’t anticipate the quiet lasting. That made today all the more enjoyable. So as we swing back into winter and busyness, we’re kind of looking forward to another one later this winter. Blizzard, anyone?

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