Well, we should have expected this: Remy has baby acne. It’s better than wildly dry skin, but it means we aren’t the smart and awesome parents we were hoping to be – we’re still in trial and error. Part of it comes from getting most advice from parents of girls; the doc explained that Remy’s testosterone levels are fluctuating, which isn’t a problem for girls. So Remy has acne and we need to figure out which products and bath schedule will bring him back to glowing newborn fabulousness!

To be fair, we struggled with Tess and excema for a while until we got her settled. This just stings our pride more, since we’ve tried so hard to educate ourselves and get advice from friends. Neither Dave not I is a fan of being wrong, or of making our son uncomfortable. Let’s hope this week’s experiments are more successful.

We baby proofed today, locking up cabinets and getting cords out of reach. Tess seems disappointed they’re gone, but Dave and I are relieved the temptations have been removed from sight! She’s moved on to the broom, of all the mysterious items in the house. Watching her curious little self try to sort that crazy tool out while she uses it like Bambam kept me pretty entertained.

One thought on “Skin

  1. Don’t feel bad about baby acne! It’s from hormones – so, like many other problems resulting from hormones (…) it’s nobody’s fault and it will go away on its own.
    Give it a week or two.

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