Sharing a room

In the hopes of completely separating the arrival of a future sibling from the ownership of bedrooms, we moved Remy into Tess’ room last week. After a few days of poor sleep and grumpiness from all of us, they’ve taken to sharing with great pleasure. Dave and I giggled silently outside their door today listening to Tess run a game of peekaboo for her brother. She’s even run over to toss his bunny back in bed. Sometimes they’re so cute it hurts!

Having an empty room next to ours, one so recently full of our son, feels really odd. Tess and Remy’s room seems totally natural; everything’s tidied away and organized, the kids are happy. But that empty room with the newborn accoutrements knocks me flat. I admit, I make up reasons to go in there and see if I can adjust. So far, it makes me smile nervously and feel silly!

We mailed in our family profiles (12 pages of photos and descriptions of our life) and our birth mother letters (personal forum for expressing understanding, respect, what we hope our relationship will be like, etc) yesterday. I remember thinking,

The waiting period won’t be as hard this time! We have our beautiful kids to distract us.

Silly Maggey. I’m already refreshing my email like a maniac. Our homestudy isn’t even handed in yet! Speaking of, we had a great visit with our homestudy caseworker and apparently have all our ducks in a row on that front. Local clearance regulations may have changed though, so we may have another police station trip in our near future. Sigh.

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