Shared germs, new friends

We spent the week generously sharing the stomach flu throughout the family (and with some nice friends). It’s not the greatest way to prepare for our new Au Pair.

Speaking of, she’s here! We’ve had such an unpredictable year, and this feels like a fresh beginning – soda crackers and sprite aside. This was a low key weekend – a rarity these days. We didn’t wow her with fireworks and Milwaukee tours, but I think genuinely welcomed her into our family, battered though we may be at the moment. It feels nice to open our home to a new family member again, to get to know someone from scratch – someone who doesn’t share our cultural background or experiences, but who’s open to exploring all of our life.

So we went to family dinner – a quiet one! We did laundry, hung out in the kitchen, and told stories. The kids were sweet, hysterical, tired, sick – everything but easy. And yet, all of our adults love them anyway. And you know what? That reinforces that we’re doing something right. So, onwards and upwards! Hopefully with fewer germs.

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