Rolling rolling rolling!

Remy had a checkup yesterday where we found out he now weighs 16 lb 4 oz. I find this hard to believe only because I thought he weighed more. he’s got the most sensitive skin the doc’s ever seen (sigh) and still has tummy trouble. Her take on things?

He’s clearly not fading away, but why don’t you try some solids.

Yippee! Less fun? PT for his plagiocephaly, or flat head. Not major, but a bummer nonetheless. Remy still cares about appearances though, since he decided to roll over the night before his checkup in order to impress! He did it again today, so I’m now counting that as a skill.

Our week went rolling by as well: bumpy, sniffly (Tess and I are so germy) and slowly, but we made it to Friday night. My amazing husband has started a new tradition – I get a few minutes to myself when he gets home. I always have the kids alone for an hour or so when I get home, which happens to be the worst time of day for both; lots of tears and howls make up this gremlin afternoon. These few minutes let me breathe and gather my thoughts, blog and reflect on my good fortune in all respects. It’s hard not to smile hearing Tess squeak commandingly at her accommodating pops as he pours her some milk while whistling! So we drift into a hot summer weekend, only loosely planned. I think I’ll go blow some bubbles for Tess while Dave grills some dinner. 🙂

One thought on “Rolling rolling rolling!

  1. Go, Remy. Now we’re talking. I Thought he was sooo close in SF.
    And Tess. Good for you on the stairs. Just be careful and take your time.
    Soon you’ll have both those little kids running you ragged.
    Maggey, family share so much. Thanks for the cold.
    But it was so wonderful to see you and the kids. Four months makes such a difference.

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