Rolling redo

Our little girl rolled over today, and this time I caught it – all the agonizing seconds of red-faced fury and confusion. 🙂 It’s incredible to watch her do the same writhing she’s always done but have it end with this slow, miraculous roll. She even hovered on her side before completing the move. Cracked me up!

I’m not running on a lot of sleep today, so everything feels a little fuzzy around the edges. Tess was pretty wild this morning and then I worked on deadline, so no caffeine to the rescue until 2pm or so. Suddenly, I realized the house was quiet. The workmen had left for the day. I’d managed to work, squeeze in a clothes sort for the sprouting giant, walked the dog, tidied our space, caught up on email, snuggled and laughed and enjoyed Tess – and sleepy or not, enjoyed the day.

I had a Monday out of a sitcom; the kind where everything goes slightly sideways and you feel like you’re trying to catch up before it’s even noon. Still, nothing feels better than a day like that that cleans up its act. Tess is currently lounging in my lap, trying to grab my ring. Her aim is as bad as mine. Sun is streaming in the windows, and we have no plans for the night. Adam was right: it all changes, but no one minds.







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