Back together at last! I was exhausted from the trip until I got home. Dave met me at the door by handing me Tess and I readily admit I dramatically shifted to the blissful baby noises that all besotted parents make, kissing Tess like there was no tomorrow. When I said I wasn’t sure who I’d attack first, Dave laughed and rolled his eyes. “No one else wondered, Maggey.”

We hung out with Tess (by which I mean I held onto Tess for dear life and Dave waited patiently) until she passed out (half an hour – I almost missed her!). Then Dave and I caught up, ate some dinner and just curled up and watched some tacky tv. Fabulous Friday night! Because I married the best husband in the world (sorry, ladies), Dave started Saturday by having me walk through the house and put things in order. He helped me tidy up, collect laundry, get groceries, feed Tess (who now takes her warmer squash and oatmeal with the tiniest pinch of cinnamon, thank you). He first took me to our favorite spot for coffee. Today was fall at its most glorious: sunny, warm with a slight breeze, sidewalks full of friendly neighbors and the park full of cute kids. I couldn’t dream up a better day.

To sit down Saturday night with a clean house, a much shorter to-do list, fresh food in the fridge, a happy baby and a glass of red wine and cheese is really more than anyone should ask for. And we still have Sunday!

Tess is a marvel to me. She can sit up by herself now for tiny moments, can stand fairly comfortably as long as she’s leaning against us, eats without a moment’s hesitation (I actually fed her a bottle while she was in the baby carrier and we were walking to the cafe!) from the bottle or a spoon, has big girl hair (for some reason I find that most traumatizing), and just outgrew another round of clothing. She interacts more and watches people and toys even more intently than ever before. Baths don’t even scare her! In a word, she’s amazing. The mommy guilt is there, though less potent than I’d feared. I do mourn those last few weeks of true infancy; she appears to be moving up in the world. Rollicking baby coming soon! Exploring China with dad and Colin was incredible, and I’m still happy I went. Tess remembers me just fine, and Dave enjoyed his baby time – although I’m pretty sure he enjoyed sleeping in today almost as much! As I’d hoped, life picked up exactly where it left off. Tess and Dave are none the worse for wear and the jet lag hasn’t kicked in. I hope everyone’s Saturday felt this good!

2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. She is absolutely huge and amazing!!!! =) The pic with the little bear, unbelievable! (You both are amazing too! Just sayin.) =)

  2. LOVE the good morning video! So amazing to watch her wake up all happy like that! But it just dawned on me while I was watching it, that she is not a tow-head, which seems so odd (I know, she doesn’t have our genetics, but it still seems kind of weird to see it). But she’s still the most freaking cute Oplinger baby around right now! 😀

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