Remy’s gotcha day!

It’s official: Remy is an Oplinger! We just got back from our adoption finalization court hearing. The judge was nice, but knowing our son is legally our son is so much nicer. This family event was supposed to happen in July, and we’ve been on tenterhooks in the meantime while waiting for closure.

We did not expect a sitting, solids-eating, almost crawling, babbling little tyke to be present for today, but it made the appearance quite fun – especially when he spoke up in response to the judge’s questions! Tess fell asleep for the whole thing, which let us focus on our son. He gets so much shared time that the unintended solo focus felt ideal on his special day.

For the first time in years, we have no adoption paperwork, appointments, plans, ideas – nothing in the works. We are a family; a beautiful, messy family. That’s a beautiful thing to enjoy. 🙂

We got home and plopped the kids in the playpen. Remy sat up and explored the toys Tess brought him, playing peek a boo with me through the side. Tess sang the abc’s. We got to talk to K and celebrate while making a nice family dinner. And we got a solid shot of gratitude in time for the holidays.

3 thoughts on “Remy’s gotcha day!

  1. Congratulations, kids. Now you can really start your drive the ‘rents crazy. Dave and Maggey, I’m sure even though you were sure all was okay, it is still a great relief for you. So congratulations to all the Milwaukee Oplingers.

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