Remy turns one!

We often tell funny stories about our children, roll our eyes and recount the ways they make us crazy, detail their feisty personalities and the trouble they find/create together.

Maybe it’s guilt over living the dream or fear of jinxing things – I don’t know. What I do know? Our kids are sweet. They’re smart and loving and sensitive and playful. They listen and watch and try new things all the time – whether that’s taking a step or humming a new song. They watch out for each other, hug each other, and make us laugh all the time. They don’t worry about how things look or who is holding more toys.

They snuggle into us, and cry when we go to work. They blow kisses, clap, high five. Both will befriend a new person within minutes. Tess’ favorite part of the day is feeding Stella. They both love finding each other after a nap.

So as we celebrate our two one-year olds, we celebrate all of them. No cynicism or pooh-poohing of their adorableness.

Our son just turned one, and if he stays the same wonderful little soul we toasted last night, we are bringing an incredible boy and man into this world.

Happy birthday, baby!

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