Red eye

We’re on the plane, headed to Florida. Tess and her brother apparently have a lot in common – night arrivals! K’s at the hospital and in labor, progressing slowly. We’re hoping to beat Deuce as he makes his way into the world so I can be in the room with his first mom as she delivers. We’ll see!

I did a face palm when I heard this was it, as I’ve been asking everyone from the lawyer to coworkers when we should go down. The last answer was,

We’ll decide after next Friday’s appointment.

which led me to believe Tess could celebrate her first birthday in Milwaukee and we’d skip that whole Irish twins thing. Oops.

So we’re airborne, with our double stroller, two carseats, two travel beds and a sleeping nugget. We already owe thanks to an army, from the sibbersteins who took Stella yet again to our parents, who handled our (let’s be honest) panic and attitude with patience and calm. Three cheers for grandparents!!!!

As we stood in the front hall for the last time as a family of three, Dave and I gulped. I was convinced that the thrill of baby one could never be matched. I stand corrected.

Say a little prayer that our adoption goes smoothly and K doesn’t change her mind, that Deuce is healthy. That Rose makes it in tomorrow, and that we get to go home sooner rather than later. We relished our almost week of normalcy, and are delighted at the prospect of introducing our son. We’ll keep you posted!

8 thoughts on “Red eye

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! What a surprise! I can’t wait to hear all about him! And I’m crossing my fingers K will feel as much peace and comfort (though bittersweet) as Spencer as I did during the relinquishment. Xoxo!

  2. Hope you arrived safe and sound well before Baby Deuce arrived safe and sound!

    Also – Kat, you and Spencer are pretty fantastic people.

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