Oh my God! What a week. I’m on a roller coaster ride at the office and my parents-in-law were in town all week, and then I got super sick to round it all out. Certainly not a boring week, but I think Dave’s starting to feel like a single dad. Let’s just say Dan and rose couldn’t have picked a better week to be in town! Shopping, babysitting, laughing, keeping us calm – they were just awesome, as usual.

Tess had her 6-month appointment today. She’s coasting at 50%-75% of all of her adjusted physical goals, and the pediatrician says she can start getting solids in a few weeks! Just get ready: seriously cute dirty baby pictures will be here soon. the doctor continues to marvel at Tess’ good health, as do we. I know she’ll get sick at some point, and that’s okay. As long as she doesn’t get so sick she ends up in the hospital again!

Dave and I are pooped; we had lots of work and then lots of family fun, so I think tonight will be a about sleep. Tess, I hope you’re listening.







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