I contemplated some of our kids’ quirks over coffee this morning, those goofy habits that I can’t communicate by way of the written word. Tess, for example, drums her fingers on the table while she’s drinking a bottle or we’re feeding her. I have no idea where that comes from, but it always makes me laugh. She’s also started putting her hand on someone’s arm to get their attention, as though they’re deep in conversation and she wants to emphasize something. Tess has taken to stalking Stella like a hunter, belly down sinuously winding her way through chair legs and over pedestals and feet. Stella can obviously see her coming, so no harm no foul. It’s still funny as hell, especially with her heavy panting sound effects. It delights and terrifies us. She’s getting fast!

Remy’s a grunter, and those eyes of his communicate his exhaustion and ennui every time he opens them. His gummy smiles, which are coming more frequently, look like Chuck Schultz drew them on. I can’t make my mouth into that shape! And his lip quiver makes everyone laugh. He sucks on his fingers, but can only make that work by attacking his whole face with the rest of his hand, and when you offer him a finger to hold, he twines his arms through your hand and hugs the whole thing. No matter how upset he is, he’ll stop crying the minute you hold him upright with his head tucked into your neck. That’s our boy!

Remy had his one-month checkup today. He’s 9 pounds 7 ounces and healthy as a horse! The pediatrician said he’s our musclebound munchkin. He’s got a little heart thing, but Dr. B said it’ll be gone by his next appointment because he’ll grow out of it.

We walked to the appointment. Taking the single stroller out felt so strange. When we just had Tess, getting around with the little stroller seemed like a challenge. Now that I’m used to maneuvering the double stroller, the mini feels light and agile. Even the nurse noticed – she started laughing and asked where Tess was! I knew having two versus one would be harder, but revisiting the singleton reminded me how quickly we’re adjusting to two – and that’s a good thing. 🙂

I spent the rest of the afternoon with mom (Sassy) picking out tile, discussing masonry, and shoe-shopping. (What?! They had 11s, and that’s a miracle!) Dave beat me home, and we settled in for a low-key weekend. We celebrated Friday with dinner at home: artichoke pesto grilled chicken and cinnamon sweet potatoes. Yum! Dave, Tess and I all loved it, and Tess was unfortunately yelling for more! We’re working on it.

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