Puppy time = infant time

When Leroy came home, Dave and I had to laugh over all of the similarities between bringing a newborn home and bringing a puppy home. They’re adorable, keep you up all night, and you have to teach the other kids how to take care of them and treat them well.

While the interrupted nights aren’t my favorite, I have enjoyed the early morning quiet, in its own way. The sunrise over the lake, the sound of the waves at dawn, the quiet of our street before everyone starts their day – that’s not normally something I seek out (I LOVE sleep!) but it’s been a lovely pleasure as recompense for giving Leroy the cushy life of constant yard visits.

Sharing the responsibility for Leroy with the kids has been fun. They all love to take him for walks, and bring him toys. We’ve all been working on teaching him not to jump. Hearing Lilou and Griff command, “DOWN!” is pretty hilarious. Seeing them stand up for themselves though is great – even if it’s to a dog.

Adjusting our life to include the rhythm of another being, figuring out how our day works around the new schedule, feels new and predictable all at once. Leroy has been here for almost two months, and we adore him. We’ve all adjusted, and are looking forward to one on one time with kids on dog walks, and getting back to full nights of sleep. In the meantime, we’ll get back to “down!” And “good boy, Leroy”.

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