Potty training

Let me start off by saying that we know Tess is young. Still, this kid pulls her diaper off under tights now when she’s wet, and throws herself at the changing table when she needs a change. She gets what being wet is and does not like it.

So we decided to try out the 3-day method as a start and see what happened. What happened? Her first pee shocked her – in fact, the look on her face was priceless. We cleaned her up (easy as she’s pantsless) and talked about the potty again and gave her lots of liquids. The next piddle, she walked herself to the potty…and missed by a few steps. BUT she was literally headed the right direction. Here’s where it gets weird: she held her pee all day except for those two times and when she was asleep – for FIVE HOURS at one point as we tried to force her pee outside of naptime.

On day two, she hung out on the toilet. We all waited for action. And waited. And waited. She did not pee anywhere but in her nap diaper. Sooo, we’re not sure where that puts us. She clearly has the bladder control covered, and gets the toilet concept. She seems to like hanging out in there on command and likes her potty books. Still, until she actually pees in the potty, we can’t have the “aha!” moment. And she’s not peeing. She does like saying

pee pee?

as often as possible so she can watch Dave and I throw ourselves at her and her little potty. She finds that part intriguing.

So we’re at an impasse over a week later. No accidents, no potty action, dry undies, and parental confusion. Score one point to the stubborn 21-month old.

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