Popping popcorn

Feeding Tess before sleep is like waiting for popcorn in the microwave: those last few kernels are still popping, but you know if you’re too greedy, you’ll burn the whole bag. Tess will drink herself to sleep, and timing the bottle removal can maximize her calorie intake or it can be just shy of enough to knock her out, leave you with a now-wide-awake and furious little one. As we feed her from these massive big-girl bottles, I marvel that the kid who had trouble taking a few tablespoons can now pound so much formula!

Dave and I are having a rough week; lots of late nights without Tess time, car headaches and work snafus. Planning a weekend in Florida was genius! I can’t wait to pos pictures of Tess seeing the ocean for the first time.

This will be Tess’ first flight. The airline requires a birth certificate, and as a nice treat we got Tess’ official birth certificate in the mail! The adoption fairy keeps giving. Handing that piece of paper over before taking our little girl on vacation, like normal people, has us quite excited. Thursday, here we come!





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